The main rule that we clearly follow is to select for Home Concept stores only what we ourselves like. And these are only the models that we have lounged on, sat on and even jumped on! The chairs chosen in this way are comfortable to sit in, the beds are great to sleep on, and the tables are sturdy and will stand up to any even the most reckless feast.

We also adore the vintage style. For us, this is a period in history when comfort and design were synonymous. It's a style that we feel and understand. And that's why we manage to assemble a wide range of furniture, fixtures, decor details, tableware, linens and just different useful gizmos that can functionally fill your entire home: from the hallway to the bedroom through the dining room, the nursery or the study.

Of course, the British accent is present in our collection quite strongly, let's not deny, we are Englishmen, but in our stores you will also find models with French tenderness and Belgian tranquility. The only thing that remains unchanged with us is our craving for comfort and quality, and we certainly agree with you on that.