Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenricity in all Sculptures

We places at your fingertips limited edition sculptures you're sought to complete your personal collection or planned to give as a gift.

In our gallery, we have a wide range of art, among which you will find limited edition pieces that form one of the fundamental pillars of our collection.

Limited and numbered edition sculptures: exclusive artworks

Visit our online art gallery and discover the unique art we have prepared for you. You will simply want to take those limited edition sculptures with you.

The unmistakable style of artists working with us is reflected in their works, and cause our limited editions to be the most desirable.

Unique Sculptures

Just as a business gift with certificates is far more valuable, so is in the case of an personal present.

If you give a limited edition sculpture to someone close to you, whether for a special occasion, family event or any other reason, and you deliver along with the piece of art the documentation certifying its authenticity and number of copyright, the person who receives the gift will be able to recognize its value even more.

We always offer the best quality art, made by artists recognized worldwide.

The precision and delicacy of each stroke is reflected in the most beautiful pieces of art on the market, and we offer them to you at our gallery.
If you are looking for an original limited edition sculpture we has it for you.


We ship your chosen sculpture anywhere in the world

- United States (50 continental states) and Canada
- Other destinations /Rest of the world (includes Central Europe, Malta, Cyprus, Norway, Switzerland and rest of the world)
   As the shipping costs depend on the size and weight of each work the shipping costs for each artwork from our Gallery vary.
   Please verify the shipping costs for each artwork at the page corresponding to it.
  You can pay less for shipping at the time when you buy more than one artwork from our shop! Should you purchase more than one sculpture at a time, you will automatically get a special price applied to the shipping costs of all the artworks bought at the same time!
- Delivery times range from 7 days to 21 days. We can not guarantee these delivery times, although we try to ensure that the transport companies comply with them whenever possible.
- If there is a problem with the shipment or the content of a package is damaged, the customer has a period of three (3) days to contact us using the contact information found at the bottom of each page of this website.
- Prices of shipments: Each sculpture has a different shipping price depending on the weight, size and destination country, you can check the exact price of the postage when placing an order.

Return Policy

- In accordance with the legislation in force, it is possible to return products, for whatever reason, within a period of 14 calendar days since the receipt of the goods by the customer. For this, the conditions set out in this document must be met.
- We accept the returns of the works by the clients, as long as the client sends the package to us paying the postage, the entire value of the artwork will be returned to the client, discounting the shipping costs.
- To make a return contact us via e-mail
- The product must be returned perfectly packed and in the same condition as it was received.
- If you pay by credit card or bank transfer, the refund will be processed to your bank account within 48/72h.
- If you paid by Paypal, the payment will be made to your Paypal account.