Stefan Herbst is a young Moscow sculptor who works with bronze. He was educated at the MAHL RAKh and the Moscow State Academy of Arts. V.I.Surikov. In his subjects Herbst addresses global problems of class inequality, demographic crisis and ecological catastrophe.

The sculptor attributes the stylistic direction of his work to cyberpunk. In making sense of the post-apocalyptic images of the future, he draws attention to the development of human relations with nature and technology, as well as the interaction between social communities. 




"Chernozem" is a large-scale series of bronze sculptures by Stefan Herbst, which tells the story of the realities of the post-apocalyptic world. The overall subject was inspired by Stefan's earlier series "Biological Incubator," which was also included here. The works reveal the artist's ideas about the fantastic future that awaits humanity under prolonged and unconscious exploitation of the environment. The main question on which all the works in the series are based is what scale problems may reach in the future that do not seem fatal now.