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Alexander Dedov

A Sudden Eternity

A Sudden Eternity

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Size: 86x110x20 cm
34x43x8 in
Weight: 9 kg / 20 lb
Year: 2022
Materials and technique: steel, wood; welding


The Trinity of Forms is an example of the harmony of elements - the hardness of stone, the gloss of steel under a metallic sheen, and the flexibility alternating with strength in the softness of wood. It is a process of orderly arrangement of incompatible things, a combination of textures that complement each material with its own genuine advantage. Harmony manifests itself in various ways, with wood flowing seamlessly into the metallic form. The wood shell does not compete with the hardness of steel but endows it with a new function unlike metal, allowing it to become softer. The stone gives ballast to the balance of the entire composition. Through this sculpture, it is clear that everything in the world is interconnected and interacts with each other, and the unity of the concept gives birth to new facets for the imagination, becoming part of one whole.

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