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Alexander Dedov



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Size: 83x42x64 cm
32x16x25 in
Weight: 16 kg / 35 lb
Year: 2021
Materials and technique: Steel, Cooper; Welding


The sculpture Utopia is a metaphor for the idealization of a dream, elevated to an absolute, but still too illusory, for its real transformation into reality.

The needle in the hand, like a dirigist's wand, at the wave of which the most cherished wish must surely come true. It represents that concentrated, compressed to a dense state of spiritual force, which affects the fate of man. After all, to live a cherished dream, is peculiar to many, and the will to find a noble goal, sometimes becomes the main catalyst for growth.

Sculptor Alexander Dedov depicted the peak of the longed-for fulfillment, the very magical sweep, he reminds us that our every successive dream, and its further realization, is exactly in our hands. Only we are able to recreate or bring closer what we wish.

Materials used in the work: steel by welding, cooper, varnish

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