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Alexander Dedov

Autumn Portrait

Autumn Portrait

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Size: 97x95x13 cm
38x37x5 in
Weight: 5 kg / 11 lb
Year: 2018
Materials and technique: steel; welding

In "Autumn Portrait," the artist creates a metaphorical image of a man who is left alone with himself and sheds his skin, like an autumn tree shedding its leaves. According to Dedov, a person is truly honest with himself only when he "removes" all unnecessary directed to the outside world, gets rid of social roles and social norms.
What is the basis of man, his self-consciousness, his soul? Portrait of a man with his skin off, framed in a metal frame of bare branches, creates a metaphysical composition that addresses the essence of things. The composition reflects an attempt to dissect the truth in search of a primary, fundamental element.

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