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Alexey Kanis

Colossal head of Bull

Colossal head of Bull

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Size: 75x60x35 cm
29x23x14 in
Weight: 180 kg / 397 lb
Year: 2016
Materials and technique: natural marble; Carving

In different ancient cultures, the bull was endowed with sacred meaning. Due to such qualities as strength, endurance and perseverance, the bull was mythologically represented as a symbol of spiritual greatness, power and indomitable desire for victory. The name of the art-object takes you back to the famous Roman sculpture "Colossus of Constantine", only a part of the sculpture – the colossal head has survived to our day. Kanis creates a memory of the ancient era of monumental plastic images of gods and emperors, creating the effect of an artifact found during excavations - a preserved part of a monolith, the dimensions of which make it possible to judge the colossal volumes of the original sculpture. The Colossal Bull's Head sculpture is made of premium grades of Belgian black marble, French red marble, Italian red quartzite and small elements of gilded bronze.

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