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Alexey Kanis



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Size: 22x83x65 cm
9x32x9 in
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lb
Year: 2023
Materials and technique: natural marble; carving


"Fossil" is a stunning sculpture that develops the minimalist design of Spine sculptures while exploring new shapes and sizes. Like its predecessors, the sculpture "Fossil" is made of white Italian Bianco Carrara marble and red Italian Rosso Laguna quartzite, assembled in a three-dimensional mosaic that creates a sense of depth and texture. The most striking aspect of the work is its horizontal orientation, which gives the sculpture a unique sense of weight and presence. The elongated shape of the spine sculptures into a horizontal plane that evokes the ancient and timeless nature of the fossil, while the subtle red veins serve as a reminder of the vibrant life that once inhabited this now-preserved form. "Fossil" is a powerful work of art that invites us to reflect on the flow of time and the intricate beauty of the natural world. Its minimalist design and exquisite craftsmanship are a testament to the enduring power of art to touch and inspire us, reminding us of the infinite potential of the human spirit to create and transform the world around us.

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