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Stefan Herbst



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Size: 52x8x14 cm
20x3x5 in
Weight: 5 kg / 12 lb
Year: 2021
Materials and technique: Bronze; Casting


The bronze sculpture "Battery" is a haunting depiction of three human embryos encased within a rectangular capsule. The embryos are not just symbolic, but they are also utilized as a battery in this post-apocalyptic work. The sculpture presents a thought-provoking commentary on the potential dangers of unchecked technological progress and the ethical implications of scientific experimentation on human life. Through this work, the artist challenges us to reflect on the possible consequences of our actions, urging us to consider the moral implications of the choices we make as a society. The sculpture is a reminder that while technology may have the potential to advance us in countless ways, we must remain vigilant and ethical in our use of it. Ultimately, "Battery" is a powerful reminder of the complex relationship between humanity and technology and the potential consequences of our actions.

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