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Denis Kulikov


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$200,000 USD
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$200,000 USD

Size: 300 x 200 x 240 cm
117 x 78 x 94 in
Weight: 700 kg / 1544 lb
Material: Steel
Year: 2020

A large-scale sculpture of a majestic sea dragon fills the space with the spirit of enormous power. Denis Kulikov's "Dragon" takes us back to the legends about the ancient monsters - the rulers of deep lakes, beyond human sight.

The sculptor maintains a perfect balance between the monster's massive body and its swift thin elongated tail. Strong clawed paws give away his predator nature.

Kulikov creates his own mythology from metal, using auto parts and assembling them into a single system. As they take shape, the pieces seem to come to life and brings the audience into an incomprehensible and mysterious world.