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Stefan Herbst



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Size: 56x7x17 cm
22x3x7 in
Weight: 5 kg / 12 lb
Year: 2021
Materials and technique: Bronze; Casting


The bronze sculpture "Energy" is a thought-provoking representation of a nearly fully formed fetus, now resembling a baby boy, connected to wires with the cathode at the top and the anode at the bottom. The absence of a frame further emphasizes the raw and vulnerable state of human life being exploited for energy production. This post-apocalyptic work challenges our assumptions about the value of human life and the consequences of technological advancements. Through this sculpture, the artist urges us to contemplate the complex relationship between humanity and technology and the ethical implications of using human life as a source of energy. The work is a haunting reminder of the dangers of unchecked progress and the need for ethical considerations in scientific experimentation. Ultimately, "Energy" is a powerful commentary on the potential consequences of our actions and the importance of balancing technological advancements with ethical considerations.

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