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Alexander Dedov

Form 5.1 Cuckoo

Form 5.1 Cuckoo

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Size: 35x104x51 cm
14x41x14 in
Weight: 7 kg / 15 lb
Year: 2023
Materials and technique: steel; welding


The sculpture "Cuckoo" is a work of art with a deep philosophical meaning, embodying the beauty and energy of life. Its shape resembles graceful smooth movement, adorned with a beautiful relief surface made of metal. At the center of the sculpture is a metal "core" that symbolizes inner energy. Separate steel threads, adorned with shiny metal balls on their ends, diverge from the shape, creating an impression of movement and freedom. They symbolize important moments in life, reminding us that each step on our path has value. The sculpture stands on a black hemisphere that can be interpreted as the beginning and end of our life's journey and the earth on which we live. Overall, "Cuckoo" is a work of art that is beautiful and inspires contemplation about the meaning of our existence.

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