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Stefan Herbst


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$13,700 USD
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$13,700 USD

Size: 175x50x20 cm
68x20x8 in
Weight: 46 kg / 101 lb
Year: 2018
Materials and technique: Bronze; Casting
Edition of maximum 8 (eight) casts

The theme of the work is the development, the path of the individual. Undoubted optimism in impetuosity and perspective. The cut line of the present leads to a distant, but visible peak. Associative presentation of the tunnel as a overcome obstacle.

Unexpected eroticism emphasizes the power of vital energy, which promises victory.

The sculpture's embodiment in bronze softens the overall sharpness of the composition and ennobles it with warm tones. The master has carefully worked out the texture of the surface. It is difficult to resist the urge to touch it.