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“I Founded Reddot.art gallery in 2020 as a permanent platform to support clients. The project specializes in selling the works of contemporary sculptors and complements my activities to promote them offline in the art markets of the USA, UAE, China and Russia.“

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Denis Kulikov

Alexander Dedov

Stefan Herbst

Alexey Kanis




Denis Kulikov's underwater world is the subject of a large-scale series devoted to unusual creatures of the marine element. Bizarre anatomy of beings, familiar to us only from encyclopedias and fantasy movies, meticulously and in detail captured in metal, inviting the viewer to plunge into fantasies about the distant depths of the ocean and its unexplored expanses. Exploring the underwater world, its hierarchy and mythology, Kulikov turns to various images - from small aquarium fish to sharp-toothed sea predators.


Alexander Dedov's series of works "SELF" is dedicated to the processes of human self-identification. Externally the sculptures are united by recurring elements of the marine environment. The artist is connected with this element by his origin: Dedov refers himself to the ethnographic group of the Pomors, which is located in the northern part of Russia on the coast of the White Sea. The Pomors are a people who have been associated with fishing for centuries.

The artist portrays the relationship of the people with the geography of natural sources on a metaphysical level. He embodies images of silent underwater creatures, which have a sacred meaning for man and are closely intertwined with his thinking and perception of the world.

Through symbolic images, close to the spirit of Dedov, the sculptor reveals the factors of psychological formation of personality: internal reflection, the search for identity, as well as the relationship of man with nature and himself.