Viktor Korneev, an eminent Soviet and Russian sculptor, was born in Tambov in 1958. He received his artistic education at the K.A. Savitsky Penza Art School and later, at the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (formerly known as Stroganov), studying under the guidance of A.N. Burganov and Yu.P. Pommer. Korneev's masterpieces can be found not only in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, but also in various other Russian and international museums, as well as in private collections across the globe.
Korneev is known for his architectural approach and natural representation of sculptures in space. He is committed to traditional plastic arts and actively uses the experience of spatial interaction accumulated in art history in his creative work. Korneev's main plastic theme is the nude female figure. Nature provides him with an infinite variety of images and states expressed through plastic form.
His works from the 2000s, executed in granite and displayed in open air in Sweden, reflect his skills and ideas. Viktor Korneev freely refers to historical heritage, boldly merging different aesthetic systems of various time periods. His sculptures are excellent examples of combining the "eternal" and the "specifically contemporary", creating a unique reality and harmony in his works.