Coordinates, code or magical signs, everything is mixed in these symbols, representing the difference of masculinity and femininity. Points of contact and forms of opposites, colors of harmony and volumes balancing each other in the universe. All world art is imbued with symbolism, signification, the mystery of numbers, finding man as a dominant on the map of the universe. Everything we produce has a definite structure, a set of numbers, geometric figures, letter codes, a man is used to live in the world of hieroglyphs he has created. My mosaic colored sculpture project reflects our human nature - the urge to simplify, to turn complex into simple, to reduce an object to a graphic code. All my works, in one way or another, are humanized, and this humanity is mythologized through the images of animals, plants, fossils, which constitute the foundation of my creativity, my philosophy, where everything is subject to the idea of anthropocentrism.