Totalitarian Renaissance. Modernity dictates its own irrefutable rules. The professional deformation of public consciousness leads culture, thinking and everyday life to the most unpredictable points of development. The style modules and worlds of the dystopian future become not so parallel. Events and information lead the world around us and ourselves to the most unexpected forms and consequences. Rising from the ashes of logic and rationality of familiar things. Time makes leaps and bounds in the context of the information biofield not always forward. It is possible that under the influence of time, ideologies, new powers and rulers, a new direction in art emerges. It is likely that our nearest descendants will live under conditions that are distant from the generally accepted concept of civilization and modernity development. Exactly to the contrary. Reverse evolution. The return of primitiveness in everything: tools, materials, technology. But, - with the obligatory preservation of the ideas of humanity, harmony, preservation of peace and resources of the planet. This is the Totalitarian Renaissance. Lift the curtain of time, looking into the intermediate alternative stage of human development . Welcome to the new wonderful world!