Alexander Dedov's solo exhibition "Metalshapes" is a collection of the simplest human hopes and desires in an intricate setting. Every object is entirely a system of displaying the basest and, at the same time, impartial, sublime needs. The constructed contrasts do not so much compete with each other as together create a unified and ordered mechanism.
The artist's main goal is to take the unnecessary and transform it into new contemporary art that evokes vivid and sometimes shocking emotions. The sculptures are made from hundreds of disposable braziers abandoned on the shores of the Gulf of Finland by vacationers as a reminder of one of humanity's problems.

The exhibition provides manifestations of other metaphysical subjects from the personal depths of an alternative reality in full relaxation and with an endless interest in experimentation with form, volume, texture and combination of various materials: bone, wood, stone, ceramics.

The creative characteristic lies in the constant exploration of properties, from laconic primitivism to intricate subjects that have their own prehistory - for example, the sculpture entitled "Wind from the East" conveys the impressions and feelings of a man in the country he entered with a sword. The sculpture uses authentic objects from the history of the wars. German World War II helmet. Bayonet - World War 1. The mechanism from a hunting rifle - the beginning to the middle of the last century. And the history of the sculpture "Horde" displays a mythical goddess, a symbol of a bellicose spirit and unbridled obsession, with the continuity of the processes of self-realization. The sculpture's base is made of solid wood found on an abandoned ship.

Each work is an attempt to go beyond the bounds of understanding, to bring it to the absurd, to the absolute, the sacred, the new, its own. It is a basic distance, an endurance between meaningful content, metaphor and unconscious projections.