Yuri Omelchenko, the author of the "ARTPatrol" project, with the support of Sergey Pavlovich, conducted a nationwide open call, and over 100 winners were selected, whose works you will see in the Omelchenko Gallery.
"Art and Money" is not just an exhibition, but also an opportunity to reflect on the interconnection between art and money in the modern world. What role do financial markets and auction houses play in the world of art? What do money mean to us today, and what did they mean to our ancestors? How is the use of cryptocurrency changing our future?
The curators of the exhibition are Yuri Omelchenko, author of the "ARTPatrol" project and co-owner of Omelchenko Gallery, and Sergey Pavlovich, a businessman and author of the "LyudiPRO" project. They invite you to delve into these fundamental questions and see the works of talented artists.